Lettuce put your knowledge to the test!

When it comes to eating healthy, do you know your onions? Take our fun quiz below to find out whether you've got all the right ingredients or are a recipe for disaster. Get them all correct and you have the right to call yourself a 'Snack Hero' just like Axel Apple and Rita Rice Cake. Kapow!


Swapping chip shop chips for oven chips could roughly save you how many calories?

400 calories
100 calories
200 calories

Which is almost equal to two regular Mars Bars.


Which of the following contains the highest amount of sugar?

A regular can of fizzy juice
An average doughnut
An average blueberry muffin
A bottle of chocolate milkshake

This can contain up to 35g of sugar, which is more than most sugary deserts. Low sugar diluting juice is a much healthier alternative.


Which of these meals could you prepare in 20 minutes or less?

Chicken Wraps
French Bread Pizza
Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
Vegetable Fajitas

All of these answers are correct! All four recipes can be found on eatbetterfeelbetter.co.uk, and take 20 minutes or less to prepare. These are perfect when you could use a healthy meal in a flash.


Which of the following could be used for a pizza base to make it healthier?

Slice of white bread
Wholemeal wrap
Naan bread

This will cut the calories considerably and loaded with vegetables and chicken can make a healthy balanced meal.


Which of the following snacks is full of hidden sugar?

Frozen grapes
Rice cakes with banana
Strawberry yogurt
Carrots and hummus

Yogurts may seem healthy but ones with added fruit can actually contain up to 4 teaspoons of sugar. That's the same amount of sugar as a fun size Milky Way bar! Choose natural or Greek yogurt and add fruit yourself.


What's the best way to save time and money on weekday family meals?

Batch cooking
Ready meals
Take-away food
Foraging in the forests

Cook up a big batch of food at the weekend so you have extra left for the week ahead.


What's a good way to help get kids to eat more veg at dinnertime?

Get them to draw their favourite veg
Tell them it's not vegetables
Let them help to prepare the veg
Keep them at the table until they've finished

While all of these options may work, we find this one most helpful. Allowing them to help chop up the veg when preparing dinner makes them more likely to eat it.


Which of these possible afterschool snacks is the healthiest?

Salted peanuts

Plain popcorn is much more nutritious than salty crisps.


Which of these names for broccoli would make a young child more likely to try it?

Big bogeys
Little trees
Green gobbles
Brontosaurus bites

All of these answers are correct! Try out different names with your kids to see what works best for them, we found little trees helped clear their plates.


When is the best time to do a big food shop?

After you've eaten
Before you've eaten
After exercise
On a Tuesday

High calorie food is more tempting when you're hungry so try to avoid food shopping on an empty stomach.



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